About Us

        ESWAR College of Engineering provides a online bridge between Our College and Our Students only. With this Online web application, Our Students can share the known Job Opportunities, Knowledge and Information about the events using Email and SMS service.Students can practice the Gate Exam Papers from the application. HODs Can submit the Students Resumes to Company HRs in On Campus/Off Campus Selection Process based on percentage filter. They can send the information about the college events to all the students using email/sms service.

The Online Web Application has below features:


1. Opportunities Sharing

  Posting an Opportunity by a Student
  Send as an Email the Opportunity to all Students
  View the all posted Opportunitie


2. Campus Selection Process

   Upload Student Resumes
  Share the Student Resumes to Company HRs based on filter
  Send as an Email the Outgoing Student Resumes to Company HRs


3. Knowledge Sharing

  Share a Knowledge about the New Technologies by a Student
  Send as an Email the Knowledge Posting to all Students
  View the all posted Knowledge Sharings


4. Communications

  Posting an Information about the College event/Personal Event by a Student.
  Send as an Email the Information Posting to all Students
  View the all posted Informations


5. Sure2Win Posted Jobs

  Sure2Win posts the Know Job Opportunities by our marketing team
  View the Sure2Win Team Posted Opportunities
  Sure2Win posts the company HRs name , emails to submit outgoing students resumes


6. GATE Practice Papers

  Sure2Win posts the GATE Exam Practice papers for all branches
  Student can practice the exams in online for their branche
  Online results for the practice papers